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Manage and grow your social medias, all in one.


Multiple Platforms

We offer automation for the four main social media platforms that exist today. We work with Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook users.


Real Followers, Real Engagement

At FameShark we guarantee that you will be getting targeted followers to your account that will engage with what you post. It’s not about the followers, it’s about the visits that get to your account. The more exposure you have, the higher chance of growing your following.


Easy To Use

We designed our software with the average user in mind. We created a simple but effective solution for all your social media needs. If you need help setting up your account, here is a brief tutorial.




I started my account to attract customers to my online store but I didn’t have the right resources to grow my page. Gladly I was able to find this wonderful service and since then my account has skyrocketed. I wasn’t expecting the increase in engagement with my posts but the most surprising aspect was the amount of sales that I was able to generate from Instagram alone.


When we started our business we had no marketing plan in place. We quickly contacted the FameShark team and boosted our site visitors through the roof. I am glad they can offer social media growth on Facebook and other big sites instead of just Instagram. The Piros team is very appreciative towards this companies efforts to help us succeed.


After using FameShark, I can clearly tell that everything revolves around customer satisfaction. It feels amazing to work with a business that goes above and beyond to keep you happy. Not just that, but the results have been outstanding. I love each and every feature that FameShark offers.


We decided to start using FameShark when we created our brand to get more sales and gain exposure. To this day we still use their social media tools and business has never been better. We have built a list of loyal clients who follow us in our journey.


Great Combination

Many features to enhance your FameShark experience.

Full Control

You are in total control of your accounts actions! Easily customize the settings you would like to use for each individual account.

Multiple Accounts

Have as many social media accounts that you would like. The sky is the limit. They can all be managed from your FameShark account, by you.

Fully Automated

Our software is fully automated. This means that once you setup your account and choose your desired settings, you just sit back and see the results!

Strategic Targeting

On your account settings you have the option to list accounts that you would like to target. With this information we can target a user and perform actions on their followers.

Niche and Hashtag Research

On your account settings you have the option to list a few hashtags that match your account. If it is left blank, our team will perform hashtag research in order to get the best results when liking pictures in the same niche.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are the most competitive in the market. When picking the perfect pricing plan, we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to grow their social media profiles without having to go bankrupt. Our service costs less than $0.70 per day!

24/7 Support

At FameShark we value each and every customer. Our goal is to keep every customer satisfied. Therefore, we initiated a 24/7 Support Team ready to help with any questions or concerns.




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